Rap & Hippity-Hop: On account of me earning a TC badge recently…..?

Rap & Hippity-Hop: On account of me earning a TC badge recently…..?
I thought I’d drop a couple questions for y’all. I honestly haven’t had a TC badge since 2013, it’s nice too know that Yahoo has finally accepted (this account) as a contribution. Anywho…

Q1: Have you listened to Raekwon’s new album?

Q2: Did you hear that Kendrick and Q might release this year aswell?

Q3: Have you checked out Smino’s project?

Q4: Are you aware that Cyhi has a project being released this year that features Schoolboy Q, Pusha T, and Travis $cott?

Q5: Ransom 2… yay or nay.


Q1: I can’t wait until I’m 30-35 so I can yell at kids and tell them Ski Mask Tha Slump God/ Young Thug birthed their favorite rappers.. what about y’all?

Q2: Do you like art? If so, what’s something recently that has caught your eye?

Q3: If you found a hundred dollar bill on the ground what would you spend it on?

Good looking’ on getting the TC badge. Finally glad to see a refreshing question like this on here.

BQ1: Nah, to be honest, if it isn’t by Ghost or Deck with 7L & Esoteric, nothing is really raising my eyebrow when a Wu member drops a project. They’re all so washed up at this point imo. I’ll probably check out a few songs on this, but for the most part, if it isn’t by Ghost or CZARFACE, I’m not that interested. Not trying to take anything away from Raekwon, though. He still has one of the greatest rap albums of all time in his catalog.

BQ2: Kendrick just dropped a single literally as I type this. It’s called The Heart Pt. 4 which is the 4th track in his heart series, I’ve been listening to it on repeat for the last half an hour or so. I’m not trying to hype it up but I like this A LOT. The beat switches up to four times on it, and we seem to get all the versions of Kendrick on it. From his poetical side, to his super lyrical side like how he has been on features lately, talking politics, etc. this is as good as Kendrick gets imo. He’s seriously trying to come for that GOAT spot. He even took a shot at Drake for the comments he made about Jay Z months ago. Overall, impressive track and he brought up April 7th which could mean what you think I mean…..

BQ3: Low-key this has been the busiest week for me at school lmfao. All year crazy isn’t it? I had to write an essay, do a 6 page project, have a math test, and I had to make a poster for my sociology class all have been due in the last two days (including today since it’s 1 AM). I’ll get to it.

BQ4: I’ve heard about it. I’ll look forward to it. Cyhi is one of the best lyricists of this decade imo.

BQ5: Yay


BQ1: I don’t plan on having kids ever 🙂

BQ2: Like Lauren, I used to be, and even considered being an artist when I was very young. But nothing really as of late.

BQ3: Probably keep it for a little while. I like to save money, I could be very cheap sometimes tbh. I still haven’t even spent over $1000 and I’ve been working for almost two years. I still have money from my first job believe it or not.