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Learn more about books on the site.I’ve never been a big fan of the “mockumentary” format.
What do we use? A few sentences? One character? A couple of sentences? Three characters? A whole bunch of short sentences to build a mood, and then to try to get into the heads of the characters by trying to build them up with more information and then have them try to do something different or fail in the attempt? You’ve got nothing but an attempt at an argument. The best I can get out of them is that they either failed the attempted attempt or did the right thing.
In short, it’s just a waste of time.
I don’t see this show as a mockumentary, I see it as a short film. It’s one of a handful of films that I feel are the kind of things filmmakers can do right with short form film, the kind that would have been lost on us people in the 70s and 80s who didn’t grow up with the medium. But the medium has matured, and now we have medium film directors like Woody Allen making films like Ladykillers and Blue Jasmine.
The thing is, I think this medium will mature even more in the near future, and I imagine that this format will be forgotten.
The thing is, my parents grew up in the ’40s and ’50s, so they probably had access to film and film education, especially as American cinema was being made and distributed. We had a lot to learn from the world of cinema. That’s what we’re looking at as we watch this film. We’re experiencing a kind of cinematic education. We’re watching the art of cinema in a way we’ve never been able to before.
I can just picture you right now having kids, you’re probably watching The Graduate or Citizen Kane, and you’re just like, “This movie is so bad – we can’t watch this”
What we’re in for is going to be a long time coming. I think they’re making a film that can be enjoyed and enjoyed by people who already know the style. I’m sure they’ll work on it to make it more accessible, you know. It’s obviously a very challenging medium to work in, but I hope that people who don’t have the artistic or technical sophistication for the medium will find something to enjoy in this film.
It’s interesting because when you first started, there were obviously a huge number of people who were like, “Wow, this is the best thing ever. This is genius. This is brilliant.” There are so many people who were surprised by this. We’re now kind of in a post-cinema period where people are like, “Huh, what the fuck happened?”
I think people are ready to experience something new and to embrace that new thing that isn’t mainstream, and that’s what The OA is doing with its form.
I thought the best thing about the show is that it takes itself so seriously without making it so complicated or trying to prove anything. It could just be a short story about an astronaut who sees a woman at a bar and the woman says to the astronaut “you’re really attractive”, and the astronaut’s