Reasons why Marijuana shouldn’t be legalized?

Reasons why Marijuana shouldn’t be legalized?
I am writing an essay in language arts, And in my essay I’m going to argue against Proposition 19. I’m going to argue why California should not legalize marijuana. I just need a few ideas and reasons why it should not be legalized, for example: “Studies have shown that marijuana is responsible for a lot of deaths and car accidents annually.” Just an example, but can you give a few of your reason why you think marijuana shouldn’t be legalized, facts. I just need some ideas, Websites if you can, thanks! FACTS!

Though I am still in support of legalizing marijuana, there are very compelling reasons many physicians, educators, law enforcement officials, and members of the general public were opposed to Proposition 19. Not everyone who opposes the legalization of marijuana is a fear-mongering prude as they are often mocked as being. My mother is a liberal-leaning, open-minded neurologist who is one of the majority of physicians in the state of California against the legalization of marijuana. She does support medical marijuana prescribed by a licensed professional, however. It is a myth propagated by society that marijuana is harmless. For older adults it can be genuinely beneficial, but for those under 25 whose bodies and minds are still growing, it can cause neurological and psychological problems for life. And studies show that if marijuana was legalized, the demographic with the largest spike in use would be amongst adolescents who could readily obtain it from their 18-year-old friends, and young adults under 25. Also, contrary to popular belief, marijuana *is* addictive to some people. Read the second article posted below for an example. I do not believe that your statement about marijuana being responsible for a lot of deaths and accidents annually is accurate, but it’s an irrefutable fact that it can cause harm to many people, and present a problem for society as a whole.

As that article explains, Keith Humphreys, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Stanford University who recently served as a White House senior advisor on the nation’s drug control policy, is also against legalization too. I think it’s safe to consider him as a credible source.

Like I stated above, I’m in favor of legalizing marijuana, but I think a more balanced perspective about the issue is needed by society. Unfortunately, most just tilt fully to one side or the other and without first putting in the effort to fully educate themselves on the negatives and positives, and invest in hype instead of facts.

Good luck with the paper. : ) There have been several articles about legalizing marijuana in the Stanford Daily, and you can search the archive online. There was also an objective article about the issue in Harvard Magazine last year.

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