Reflective/Explanatory essay help?

Reflective/Explanatory essay help?
My teacher assigned me to write a reflective/explanatory essay. I need to find a good topic, and I don’t really understand what that type of essay is, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Explanatory means to explain or give reasons for something. Reflect means to write your thoughts,
feelings and responses to the topic. You don’t need to reasearch facts about it — express what you think and feel. I recently read a very thoughtful one on right to life. The author didn’t spew out statistics or dogma. She started with an anecdote about a girl who had gotten pregnant in high school and how the school treated her. She then went on to describe situations about young girls who are victims of incest. She went on to say that she believed strongly in right to life — for those already living. There was a lot more, but the idea is that she reflected on the subject rather than writing a persuasive essay. I hope that helps a little.