relation of ancient greek ideals of beuty versus ideals of beuty today?

relation of ancient greek ideals of beuty versus ideals of beuty today?
I have to write an essay about the relation of ancient Greek beauty in their sculptures and how we think of beauty today. I have written most of the essay but i need help on the first body paragraph because i dont have enough information. Here is what i have so far for for my introductory paragraph and my first body paragraph:

Ancient Greeks had many similar ideals of human beauty as we do today. Many factors contributed to this opinion. One important factor is found in the ancient Greek sculptures. Many sculptures that the ancient Greeks constructed show a perfect human body. The Greeks ideal human body is very athletic. Humans today have carried on ancient Greek beliefs. Our generation today thinks of the perfect human body as skinny or muscular,although this may be difficult to achieve.

Modern societies today think of beauty as having a perfect body and face. To us a perfect body is one of which the body is skinny, tall, muscular and tan. The face is to have no pimples, freckles, have straight and white teeth and have nice, thin eyebrows.

please help me add more to the body paragraph. Best answer gets 10 points 🙂

The ideals of beauty held by modern society are similar to those held by the ancient Greeks. The mythological statues of ancient Greece reflect a perfection of beauty attributed to the Gods and desired by the rest. However, I doubt the average person in ancient Greece had the figure of a Greek God. Similarly, in modern society, we hold a standard of beauty that is unrealistic for the average person to attain. Although our ideas of what is beautiful have changed throughout time, our standards have always been, for most, unattainable or difficult to maintain.