Rhetorical analysis essay on an editorial?

Rhetorical analysis essay on an editorial?
Hi guys. So I have to write a rhetorical analysis essay on an editorial. I found an article but I’m having trouble formulating an opinion /thesis. The assignment says not to write if you agree with the author or not, rather does he make his point well or not. If I say that I think his argument is flawed for xyz, is that good?


That’s not good.

You’re fixated on arguing in favor or against the editorial. That’s not what your teacher wants.

What your teacher wants is: How well did the writer make the argument? Is it logically constructed? Does one point follow another? Do all the points add up logically? You don’t have to agree with it and your teacher doesn’t even want to know whether you agree with it. So, here’s a tip: Once you write the essay, have someone else read it. Ask him/her whether they can figure out whether you agree or disagree. They shouldn’t be able to.