rhetorical analysis on John McCain?

rhetorical analysis on John McCain?
i have to write a rhetorical analysis on if John McCains rhetoric was convincing or ineffectual and explain why. But the thing is i dont know how to start it! i am a complete loser when it comes to writing essays. anyone want to help???? i sure can use it.


Take a look at what type of reasons he was stating that would make him a good president, war hero, maverick, reached across party lines, anti bush, pro Iraq war. Now, take all the data and compare it to some of the exit polls (I think CNN might have a breakdown of how people voted and the reasons) and go from there. In the convincing paragraph, you would state all the reasons why people decided to vote for him, then for the ineffectual, you state the reasons why people voted for Obama(example (Economy, less taxes etc-these are things that John Mcain also stated he could fix and it’s pretty obvious that part of his rhetoric was ineffectual. Good luck!