Rhetorical strategies???????

Rhetorical strategies???????
What are some rhetorical strategies in this piece…

If you can, include examples.

Rhetorical strategies are the efforts made by authors to persuade or inform readers. Rhetorical strategies are employed by writers and describe the different ways to persuade the reader. Before deciding which rhetorical strategy to use in any specific situation, a writer needs to consider a few questions to determine the strategy that best suits the text to be written. Such questions might include:
Who is the intended audience and what is the writer’s relationship with them? For example colleague-to-colleague, teacher-to-student, salesman-to-client, etc..
Does one want to prove an argument? If so, will you include counter arguments?
Do you want to simplify the issues?
In addition to these and other questions, consider also the choice of words to use. In some respects this is a part of bearing in mind the intended or target audience. However, word choice can influence the development of an argument or a position and can affect the reader’s emotions.