SAT Diagnostic Test…score must increase?

SAT Diagnostic Test…score must increase?
Hey everyone!
I’m becoming a junior in 2 weeks! Essentially, I took the initiative to sign up for an SAT prep course. As I was researching, it seemed like Elite was the best option for me. I would really like to go to an Ivy League school to become a writer. I have a lot of emotion through past experiences and I have just finished my first book! (my first writing as an author, I’m choosing not to publish though) Unfortunately, contrary to whatever I just stated, my SAT score apparently sucks!
Diagnostic Test for Elite
Math: 680
CR: 530
W: 490
It’s so weird (SAT score: 1700)
What should I do in order to improve my SAT score to at least 2150 to have any sort of chance at an Ivy? My personal essay will probably be the biggest contribution in my acceptance but I don’t want to have any type of hole in my application. A little giving motivation won’t hurt either. Thank you!

Hi there,

Dont worry about it! You are just becoming a junior and you did fine! (my first practice test ever was like a 1650) Those Diagnostic tests from programs are MENT to be harder, some such as kaplan offer guarantees “score higher on SAT than kaplan diagnostics or your money back!”. Im sure you see where i am getting at.

The key to the SAT is to practice…i see you are just like me (when i took it) and have critical reading and writing as your lower sections. Math can be bumped to 700+ easy. For CR try to memorize more vocab, and find strategies to maximize your score (usually practice is the best!). For W, make sure you can atleast get a 10 on the essay, that should give you around a 110-130 points out of 150. Just do practice for this as well.

You can try books for verbal reasoning to help you prepare more, but its honestly a matter of how much you can practice and fix your mistakes. Learning words always helps and maybe writing down things as you read along.

As for schools…i received a 1940 as my final SAT score and i got into great schools. I had about a 95/100 GPA, and a lot of extra curricular activies. Make sure your essays are reviewed by family and teachers. It could make a difference. Dont worry so much about IVY, as much as you should about getting into a top tier. Also money is an issue so try to apply to schools that will give you merit scholarships, and to be honest most top tier schools are almost equal, noone will think less of you because you went to NYU or Emory instead of Cornell or Dartmouth. Hang in there! Make sure you have everything organized in terms of your EC’s and all. Check for help as well.