SAT essay grade!!!!?

SAT essay grade!!!!?
on my SAT essay it says that i got an 8, both readers gave it a 4. I thought my essay should have gotten a higher score. =[ On college board i am looking at my essay scanned on the score report, and wondering if there is anyway i can see comments from the readers of my essay that might explain why i didnt score higher????

First of all, the readers of your essay do not leave comments. Just imagine if comments were written for each and every one of the hundreds of thousands of essays written per SAT testing date. Each reader spends about a minute max reading your essay, assigning a score, and moving on to the next essay. You might not think that a minute is enough to fully assess your essay but just think: If a reader were to spend even three or four minutes analyzing each of the hundred essays he has to read, he will begin to question and second-guess himself. “Does this reader really deserve a 6? I just read an amazing essay that got a 6 and this doesn’t compare at all with it. However, this is much better than the essay I just gave a 5 on.. See what I mean? The more a reader spends on each essay the harder it is for him to stay accurate with the grading (over a long span of time; keep in mind, each reader has to grade at least a hundred essays while keeping the utmost accuracy).

Now to judge your essay score.. I can not tell if your essay did or did not deserve the score that it received because I need to see your actual written essay. If you could scan it onto this wall post, I can read it and give you a rough estimate of what it should have been. (Refer to my “Sources” below).

Nonetheless, I can give you some tips to help you get up to a 10. (I can not say up to 12 because the highest I got on an SAT essay was a 10). I used about four to five SAT-caliber vocabulary words. I made a few grammar mistakes, putting unnecessary commas in and using the wrong idiom here and there. I made no spelling errors. My essay consisted of an introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The whole essay took up 1 and a half pages. I took the SAT twice and both times I used only personal examples (I made them up completely). I had two examples per essay (thus two body paragraphs).

The only reason I think I did not get a 11 or 12 is because my language was boring. Though my essay contained varied sentence structure, it was still very straightforward and didn’t really contain any insight or anything out of the ordinary. However, my essay score did not bring down my writing Multiple Choice score so I am still content with what I got.

Lastly, this is strictly my own opinion, but even though I got a 10 I think I deserved an 11.