SAT essay?

SAT essay?
Where is the SAT essay (the actual essay, not just the score) sent? I know you can print it off online, but is it mailed to you with the scores, to your high school, to colleges, or what? Because I kind of made some stuff up and don’t really want people I know reading it, haha.
And I’ve read that length is what really matters for scoring. My handwriting is really tiny normally, and I started off writing pretty big to get more length… but by the end it was small again, and I only filled up about a page. So how does the length thing work for people with small writing, if anyone knows?

The essay isn’t sent anywhere, and like you said, it’s posted online. Collegeboard doesn’t grade the essay by how many pages you write because if you have small writing, filling up 1 page could be like filling up 2 for another person. It’s true that the longer it is, the more likely you’ll score higher, but good essays don’t necessarily have to be long. And about the making up stuff: they don’t really check to see if all of your information is accurate, so as long as your essay is persuasive, you should be good.