SAT HELP! im taking the June 5th sat’s and i need to go up lots of points?

SAT HELP! im taking the June 5th sat’s and i need to go up lots of points?
ok i took the sat’s in may, i got a 1560 out of 2400….. i need a 1700+ to go to colleges i want to go to any suggestions i got a 520 in reading a 560 in math and a 500 in writing (8 on the essay)

Since you are so close to the test I would suggest focusing your studies on the section you scored the lowest on in your practice tests. You can get a lot of quizzes, practice questions, and vocabulary flashcards at PowerScore SAT Prep’s free help portion of their site – . Start with the “Study Hall” and “Teachers’ Lounge” section.

Also, check to see if there is a PowerScore Weekend SAT Course in your area. This course has a 150 point score increase guarantee and is taught by instructors who have scored in the 95th percentile or above on a College Board administered SAT. Students who complete all the homework and practice tests often see greater score increases than the minimum of 150 points. You can see if there is a class in your area by visiting and entering your zip code in the course finder on the left hand side of the page.

I am hoping you already have The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide with the 10 practice tests, if not go purchase it from any major bookstore. This is the only publication with REAL SAT practice tests. You should take as many practice tests between now and next Thursday as you can. If you do not have the time to take the entire test you can always take 1 or 2 different sections a day. You should focus on the writing section since this is where you scored the lowest and typically, the writing section is section where students see the highest score increase. Score your tests and go over each answer you got wrong. Be sure to figure out why you got them wrong so that next time you see that question type you are able to avoid making the same mistake again. It may help you to find a friend to take the tests with – it will help motivate you to continue studying up until test day. I hope this helps! Good luck!!