SAT scores.. how to improve? Also, SAT vs. ACT?

SAT scores.. how to improve? Also, SAT vs. ACT?
So I just took the SAT for the second time hoping to improve my scores, and my cumulative score only improved by 10 points. I’m trying to get a 1300 (without the essay) so I can be eligible for a full paid scholarship to the college I’m going to (I meet all the other criteria except for this), but at this point I’m still 60 points away. My best scores at this point are 610 Reading and 630 math. I’m going to take them one more time to try and reach the 1300. How can I improve my scores?

Also, they said they will take an ACT score of 29 for the scholarship as well. Would it be easier for me to achieve the score for the ACT rather than the SAT? I never took the ACT so I’m not sure what to expect or how the scoring works.

Any and all help is appreciated! Hope everyone has a happy SAT score-receiving day!! 🙂

Regarding the ACT, you should try it – have heard that many kids perform better on it than the SAT. It is more content oriented – kind of like the SAT subject tests.

Now, as to improving your scores on the SAT. Have you tried a SAT prep class? The private ones are pricey, but depending on how much of a scholarship you are talking about, it might be a wise investment. If that is still too much, high schools in my area offer a for credit SAT prep class. They also offer lunch time SAT practice classes that are also free. See what might be available in your high school. Our HSs also offer an online practice.

Our HS PTSA also sponsors a practice SAT, and while you may not need the practice, after the test is taken, Kaplan comes in an gives a free overview of your scores and offers tips on ways to improve them.

There are also books – probably available in the library, on tips for improving your scores and online practice tests for free.

Good luck ! I hope you can get your score up!