Scholarship Essay?

Scholarship Essay?
I am currently writing a scholarship essay about how my college education will empower me. I am totally stuck. Can you give me some ideas of what to put in it? Thanks

Ok, think about the question – what do you want from your college education? A high-paying job? A nice house? A great husband – college is a great place to look for someone with your same interests…you need to think about what you want from your education, some folks go for the first 2 years and just kind of drift until something appeals to them to specialize in, others are upfront and determined to do a special thing – that is why they go to get further education. Remember there are no “wrong” answers, just some that are more thought-out then others. Say what you feel…if you are not sure about how to answer this, put it aside for a few days and just think about what you want to say. Don’t have someone else give you the answer – it is your essay – you have to live it – not someone else. If you have gotten this far in the process, then you must be interested in continuing – figure out the reason why and you will have your answer. All the best to you in your search. Cindi