Scholarship essay help?

Scholarship essay help?
I have to write a scholarship essay for this question Why you(as the most deserving person on the planet) should win this scholarship? I am at a stand still and need some tips or examples on how to answer this question.

Talk about two things: your past and your future. What has your life been like that you deserve money for college? And, consequently, how are you going to change your life by going to college? How are you going to change the WORLD by going to college?

What scholarship essays mostly focus on is your ability to write a coherent essay. It’s not just about what you write—everyone freaks out about that. It’s more about how well you write it. They’re making sure you have the skills to survive college. They don’t want to give money to someone who doesn’t have the ability to use it wisely and stay in school.

As far as content, try to think about what makes YOU stand out from the thousands of essays they get. Are you the first person in your family to go to college? Are your parents trying to put several kids through college at the same time? Were you inspired to go to college and follow a certain career path because of some life event? Make it original—and make sure someone checks your spelling and grammar before you send it in.