Scientific Reasoning Behind Twilight (Humans changing to vampires)?

Scientific Reasoning Behind Twilight (Humans changing to vampires)?
Ok, so for science I have to write a essay on how the Twilight transformation between human to vampires would be scientifically possible due to changes in chromosomes caused by the vampire venom. I have read through most of the books, but I am having a hard time finding specific quotes about the subject and I don’t have time to go back and review all the books for specific quotes. Does anyone remember if it gets explained somewhere in the book specifically? If so could you give me a page or a quote. 10 points to the person w/ the most pages/quotes. Thanks.

I’m sure Meyer didn’t write anything about changing chromosomes or even give a very good description of the process, because she is a pretty untalented author. So I have a better idea for a vampire type project. As you may or may not know, this whole vampirism thing developed when there were mass murders of I believe those thought to be witches. There were so many bodies in the graves that they would get disturbed when the grave was re-dug to fit more bodies in it. Before they were buried in said mass graves, white fabric was placed over their heads so they couldn’t do anything bad to others in death. Here is where the science comes in…when the bodies would rot, the gasses coming from the bodies would burn though the fabric around their mouths, making them appear bloody. So people began to think they were sucking blood in death, it also didn’t help that some of the bodies in the graves had shovel marks on their flesh, that may or may not have looked like fang marks. They began shoving bricks in the mouths after the “witch” type people were murdered so that they couldn’t suck blood. Write about how a body changes and decays after death and how this plays into the myth of vampires. Its a much more interesting, morbid, and intelligent topic, still in keeping with the fad.