Seeing the Future in my Dreams?

Seeing the Future in my Dreams?
Ever since I was little I’ve had dreams and then like the next week I would see them exactly how it was in my dream but in reality. For example: My little sisters were mad at me and were standing with their hands on their hips in front of a big tree. The next weekend we visited our grandma in Illinois and we were playing outside. Then they got mad at something I did and they were standing in front of the big tree in front of my grandma’s house with their hands on their hips. It was exactly the same to the last detail. It happens like every few weeks. Is this a normal thing??? and . . Why and how do I get dreams like this??? I KNOW this isn’t deja vu or anything but I know I dream of it and it really does happen.

Hi Laura! Yes, it is déjà vu, but not the kind science tries to explain away by saying it is a glitch in the brain or mere coincidence! The kind of déjà vus you are having are dream based. Unlike you, most people however can’t remember the dream that went ahead of the waking experience that results from that dream.

You have now discovered the most open secret of life: Dreams are the blue prints of the future. All dreams in fact. But of course not all dreams come true as you see them in the night. To cut a very long story short: Essentially there are two types of dreams: one that comes true literally or almost literally and the other comes true figuratively or metaphorically. Both the dream and waking language use the same metaphors. What is different however is the manner in which they use them. In waking we use verbal metaphors while in a dream we experience the metaphors.

In waking we say: “I have fallen in love” and no one will ask you: “Did you hurt yourself when you fell?” Everybody understands at once. But if the dream has you falling from a great height you think it is weird or scary or creepy. It is not weird, because all that the dream is telling you is that you will lose your footing; that you’ll lose control of your life because you have FALLEN in love for instance.

Now is the time for you to keep a dream diary. Date every dream and make a little quick sketch of the highlight of the dream. (Some dreams take weeks, months and even years to come true). Then, when you have discovered that the dream or part of it has come true literally, highlight it in red; and when it has come true in the spirit of the dream, highlight it in green. If you dream for instance that you are on top of a high mountain this could in waking become a FEELING of ‘being on top of the world’, you will feel ‘high’ just as the dream suggested by means of the experience it had pictured. This will set you on a path of great adventure and the world will never be the same again for you!

If you want to learn more, please read my two essays posted on the Web by “Electric Dreams”. The essays are “The Cinderella Complex” and “Sex and Sustenance”.