Self Studying for AP English Language and Composition?

Self Studying for AP English Language and Composition?
My school doesn’t offer the course instead they only offer a 2 year English Language course which I’m in. (god only knows why its a two year course) So I was wondering if I would be alright taking the exam if I do a bit of self study and possibly score a 4 or 5. If there is any correlation I got a 690 reading 700 writing on the SAT as a junior if that helps. Has anyone tried self studying for this test or other AP tests just so I know its possible?

I think you should be absolutely fine taking it, especially if you’re dedicated to studying a bit for it and maybe even going to Barnes and Noble to take a look at one of their AP Lang and Comp review books. I’m taking the exam tomorrow, and I’ve been in an AP Lang and Comp class all year. We’ve done lots of reading and a few assignments throughout the year, but really haven’t learned anything of value for the AP exam. I’ll let you know how the exam is tomorrow, but I’ve really had to prepare myself. My SAT scores are right around yours, so you should be able to successfully take this class and score a 4 or 5. Also, they no longer deduct points for wrong answers on the multiple choice section. I’ve just been practicing righting synthesis essays so far, and now I’m going to study some literary devices for Question 2 of the essays. I’m sure you’ll do great (: