Short Essay?

Short Essay?
I have to write an essay about why i think i should be admitted as a member into the National Junior Honor Society. What should i do? I dont know how to start it. It doesnt have to be that long. Please Help Me. I need it ASAP. You have to say why you think you should be admitted, how you think it would benefit yourself, and anything else.

well, you kinda have to answer the questions. =). it’s really a personal choice on how you want to answer. it’s why YOU want to be admitted. i would write something like this:

I think I should be admitted to the National Junior Honor Society for a few reasons. One reason I would like to be admitted is because from what I’ve heard, it is a great organization. I also love to volunteer and do good things in my community. My grades should prove that I am hard-working, and I deserve the honor of being in the National Junior Honor Society.