Should I apply Early Decision NYU?

Should I apply Early Decision NYU?
I’m looking to apply as a Journalism major at the College of Arts and Science. I have around a 3.6 GPA, a fairly good essay, and decent extra curriculars. My courses throughout the years arent exactly challenging but they do include honors and an AP class. I feel I’m a substantial writer and its deffinately shown in my transcripts and application. The biggest issue for me right now are my SATs which are **** for lack of a better word. I’m an excellent student but a terrible test taker. I’ve retaken the SAT and hopefully my scores have improved but is my admission really banking on my SAT scores? I’m 100% certain NYU is the school for me which is why I’m applying early decision but if I don’t stand a chance should I bother ? Any feedback would be appreciated I just want to know if I’m really the right student for this school and if its possible to get in with just being, well, a bit average.

The basic requirement of acceptance at NYU are demonstrated by the GPAs of the first year students already in the freshmen class. That Average GPA is 3.6. SATs on reading, math, and writing are in the range of 620-720. Those ACTs for that same student group is in the range of 28-31. Besides that one must have a good essay, good extra curricular activities record, some experience in leadership, a good record of community service, and a good record of work outside of the school. You must know that the tuition per year has reached over $40,000 per year and that does not count the incidentals.

I would recommend that you apply to NYU, but also apply to two other universities as well. Those may become backup choices in the event that NYU does not work out for you. Good luck.