Should I get in at Northwestern University?

Should I get in at Northwestern University?
I’m currently a sophomore in college and I’m applying for Northwestern University this fall to transfer in as a junior (but I’ll probably still be a sophomore because of the requirements for my major)

I’m from New Jersey
Hispanic American Male
20 years old
Major is English
HS Stats: 3.4 GPA unweighted, 2 AP classes senior year (As in both of them)
SAT: 1900 (Critical Reading- 600, Math- 580, Writing-720) taken in 10/2007
Extracurriculars: Great

College Stats
2008-2009 (Tier 1, Liberal Arts College)
Fall GPA- 3.4
Spring GPA- 3.8

2009-2010 (NJ Community College)
Fall GPA- 3.7 (took General Chemistry and got a B-, general chemistry is intended for science and engineering majors and the professor was an azz)
Spring GPA- 4.0 (right now, with less than a month to go I have an A in all 5 of my classes)
Extracurriculars: Division I Tennis (2008-2009), I’m not that good at all. Sociology Club and Christian Fellowship Club.
My professors wrote AMAZING recommendations for me.

I thought my essay was pretty good. I wrote about the adversity I’ve faced from my freshman year of HS until now because of my mother’s drug addiction. I live with my mom, so I’ve pretty much done everything on my own as far as academics. I’m an incredibly strong willed individual, I even decline help a lot of times because I want to do things my way.

Do you think there’s any reason why I won’t get into Northwestern? Do you think I deserve to get in?

Transferring is always a crap shoot – how many slots are going to be available?

You certainly look like a good candidate, and I can assure you that universities like transfer students who have already proven that they can handle college level work.

Also the fact that you have been in a Tier 1 liberal arts school definitely works to your advantage.

It is the externalities that might get you – Northwestern is such a superb school that they have an unusually high retention rate.

All you can really do is apply and wait. Good luck to you –