Should I write my college essay about drugs?

Should I write my college essay about drugs?
Okay, so I have had a really crazy life because of my crazy family. My dad and my brother both have drug problems, yet I live a life without drinking or drugs. I am in clubs devoted to anti-drug use. My dad is addicted to opium and my brother is addicted to heroin. Very very crazy, I know. I want to write my college essay about how I grew up with drugs right infront of my eyes and how destructive it can be and how it has helped me appreciate life more because I can live a life without drugs.

I am also going to talk about what I do to stop drug use.

How does this sound?

Sounds really cliche to be honest…
And, seriously, I don’t get your statement about saying you appreciate life more because you can live without drugs.. Like what? Everyone who hasn’t done drugs can live without them… Like I could see you saying that being in a household where drug use was so common that you appreciate things more because it was like traumatizing or surreal.

And not all drugs are bad, I’m not saying opiates aren’t, or that crack or meth/ alcohol aren’t either. But there are more less known ones that still get crap, cuz people like you have been brainwashed. you obviously don’t know very much about them just from reading how you’re in anti-drug use clubs.. which are most likely like DARE which spread lies. And the fact that you said opium, and then heroin