Should people of the same-sex be allowed to get married?

Should people of the same-sex be allowed to get married?
I have an essay that I’m doing and it is very important to my grade, I am all for gay rights but I need more reasons than I already have. However I also need oposing sides. Anybody have any opinions with suporting ideas?

Yes! This is a good question. There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality between two consenting adults who are not blood relatives. Some people are just ignorant, pushing their own religious, brainwashed, puritanical beliefs on the whole world. I am sick of hearing people’s beliefs about the bible-this and the bible-that. Well, guess what? – People are still arguing over whether or not there even is a god or not! It’s wrong to enforce biblical beliefs on the world when there is STILL not even 100% proof that there even is a god, and not everyone is a Christian. Faith is not proof. Not everyone is a christian, so therefore it is wrong to force the bible on everyone. If YOU believe in the bible, then YOU can go live according to that. But nobody has any right to use it to tell others how to live, what choices to make and who they should and should not love. That’s like taking one cookbook of one culture and telling everyone to only eat the meals that are in that book! I am a lesbian. My father is a minister and I know I was NOT put on this earth for a man. My heart has always been with women, and YES, homosexuals can procreate, despite not desiring heterosexual relationships. We have reproductive organs, and you don’t pass homosexuality on automatically to all children, and there’s nothing unhealthy or harmful about being homosexual. Also, it has been proven that children with gay parents are just as intelligent and healthy as a child raised in a heterosexual home. My parents are straight but I didn’t turn out straight at all. Gay couples can raise kids who are not gay. The point is, LIVE AND LET LIVE. It’s not anyone’s place to decide for others how to live just because they believe in the bible. I’m glad if you are happy, but gays and lesbians also have the same right to be happy as you do. It’s in the U.S. Constitution that America is not supposed to be a Christian nation. Homosexuals fall on love just as deeply as heterosexuals do, and marriage is about the bonds of love. Not the bonds of religion.

Some people are ignorant and believe that gays already have rights… Gays DON’T have equal rights, and that’s what we are fighting for. Some people just don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against and have to fight the ignorance just to get fair treatment. Marriage is about the bonds of true love between consenting adults who are not blood related, and that’s why it should be for homosexuals.