Should teachers be judged by their students test scores?

Should teachers be judged by their students test scores?
Aright, I need help with this essay.
It is for English 1 Honors.
It needs to be 8-10 sentences & 3 paragraphs.
I’m stuck. It gives me so much to think about like Sometimes how hard the teacher tries to connect with their students, some just don’t want to learn. & When teachers give students answers so students get good grades so staff thinks they are good teachers and raise their pay.. PLEASE help me !<3 ANSWER To a point, but only to a point. There are some students who simply aren't motivated, but a good teacher should be able to teach, motivate, possibly inspire these young minds even through the difficulties. If everyone in the class passes with flying colours aside from maybe four students who failed, there's much to say about that teacher still. I would still look at that and think it was a pretty good teacher who is getting a point across. If everyone fails, you have simply failed as a teacher and cannot use the students and their motivation levels as an excuse, know what I mean?