show me how to write a formal outline for a controversial essay?

show me how to write a formal outline for a controversial essay?

Your introduction is crucial. You need to cpature the attention of your readers and draw them into your argument. You also need to have a viewpoint on this topic. Your readers want to know that you know where you’re taking this essay and that you have a direction of thought. Introduce the topic and outlines very loosly what it means.

In your actual essay make sure you set up a debate and argument. Look at both sides of the topic and evaluate, analyse and contradict. If you are for the argument then start each new topic with the against argument and then move onto the for argument that’ll contradict it.

Your conclusion should bring to a close all the different threads of your argument. It should really FINISH the essay bringing it to a decisive and complete close. Make a decision on the topic, and say in a concluding sentance why you were right. Your conclusion should very briefly brush over everything you’ve talked about. If it’s possible finish on another question that will leave the reader thinking about the topic.

Be argumentative and controversial. Your readers want to be interested and excited by what you’re saying. You want to make them think about their beliefs on the topic and you want to very firmly argue your case, looking into all the possible counter-arguments but without leaving them doubting your own belief in what you’re saying.

Be passionate about the side you’re arguing for and this will shine through. Speak with conviction and the reader will find this more interesting.

In an outline, you want to plan both your introduction and conclusion. Write up a list of all the different possible arguments on each side of the topic and its counter-argument. Really think about and make yourself interested in the topic. The ideas will flow better then.

If it helps. ask other people about their views on this controversial topic and use what they say to help your writing, especially if this contradicts your own opinions. Maybe debate the issue with someone and see what you come up with?

Good luck!!!!!!!!!