simple question with To Kill A Mockingbird please help!?

simple question with To Kill A Mockingbird please help!?
Hi, I have to write an essay tomorrow and I’m doing it on the book To Kill A Mockingbird. I have a very bad habit of overthinking things and complicate myself. The topic I’m suppose to do is “In TKAM”, harper lee illustrates the idea that courage has many faces. Using 3 characters from the novel to prove that it is true. I was wondering when they say “courage has many faces” really meant explain the different types of courage, OR do they meant like if you have courage you have to face many obstacles or something like that. Or is there a deeper meaning to what more I have to do. Can someone please give me an example of what “courage has many faces” really mean. I just need someone to clarify this. Also, I think I’ll be doing Mrs. Dubose and Mayella as she has the courage to lie about tom robinson accuse of raping her in public in order to protect herself. Not sure if it’s good, if you know any more feel free to say so!

Thank you so much!

Courage can be shown in different ways, not only in one way. You should give 2 or 3 or examples. Mrs Dubose and Atticus are good examples. Please don’t use Mayella! What she showed was cowardice for letting a man go on trial for his life instead of own up to her actions. If you still want to use Mayella, you could talk about how she tried to carry herself better than the rest of the family. Like Scout mentioned, Mayella made an effort to stay clean and even grew red geraniums in the yard next to the rubbish dump. Like she tried to make a change, but in the end she was almost as despicable as her father.

Good luck and hope this helped! (: