so……what is a…….?

so……what is a…….?
What is a complex process to write about…? Its for English *ugh*. I need a narrow topic from a “complex process”. here’s an example, but i don’t want to use this one:

complex topic: making pasta

narrow topic: how to boil the noodles.

…it has to be something that could possibly be the subject of a 4-6 page essay. Something not too broad that would take pages and pages more to write, but not too narrow that only two pages of 4-6 are written. i don’t need to write the essay but i need to write a paragraph as to why my topic would be suitable for a 4-6 page essay.

Thank you:D

Well, you should pick a topic that your interested in, for example, if you like music, you could describe the process a song goes through to be made, like the writing, then recording…etc. Or how someone becomes a famous musician.
Or if you like movies, you could pick out something from there… Like how to become an actor.
You can use examples from the real world, like how a specific actor or musician became famous. That would also make the essay more fun to write… because most essay are really boring to write, lol.