Some Engineering College Admissions Essays?

Some Engineering College Admissions Essays?
I have started looking at colleges, and I have googled my *** off searching for samples in engineering-major college essays, my college of choice asks the question:
…write about why you are interested in your choice of major or you may write on any subject you choose…

And I wish to apply for the Electrical Engineering field in my university. Your essay may be of any engineering branch, because as I will not be copying it, I just wish to point out flaws/points so I can conjure an accepted essay.

So I ask here because this is a suitable/popular forum for Technology-Based Q&A, and so I ask if anyone is willing to share their successful/unsuccessful (both are useful for pointing out flaws/points) college admissions to me or anyone else interested in the field and struggling to achieve a state of university acceptance in their desired field (engineering).

Before you flame about other people doing my school work (dirty work) for me, please take note of the fact that I am not asking for something to copy…

When asked, most EE students say they are doing it for the pay. Obviously, this is not an acceptable answer to the college you are applying to.

I got into a top engineering college with a relatively low GPA. The reason I was accepted (in my opinion) was because of my essay.

The essay question was just as you described: “Write about why you are interested in your choice of major…”

For this question you have to come up with your own answer. Obviously there is some reason why you chose EE, right? I’m not going to give you a pre-written essay (BTW, plagiarism will get you kicked out of school), but I’ll tell you why I chose electrical engineering.

When I got out of high school, I went straight to community college. I had no idea what I wanted to major in. While there, I took trigonometry and had a professor who was from Iran. I remember him telling us that as a teenager he would solve math problems for fun because there was nothing else to do. I scoffed at this, but as I progressed further through the course I realized he was right! Problem solving was fun!

It became immediately clear to me that engineering would be the most satisfying profession. I chose electrical engineering because as a child I used to tear apart electronics to see how they worked, and subsequently I could never put them back together correctly, but hey. Bright shiny lights are fun, right?

So there you go. That’s a model essay. All it needs is proper format and some elaboration. …And that’s why I chose electrical engineering. I have no regrets and absolutely love this profession. It takes hard work, but it’s totally worth it.