step-father centric book recommendation?

step-father centric book recommendation?
For my psych class, i have to read write an essay on a book that centers around the relationship of a step father and a step daughter. my teacher recommended doing a compare and contrast between a book that involved a normal relationship (good or bad) and one where the step father hit on the step daughter and the differences causing the action/repercussions of it. these books can be based on real experiences, though i’d prefer a fake experience since it’s a disturbing topic. i have no idea of any books of this sort so please help!

not sure if these will work for you but here’s a few titles:

I’m telling by Karen E Quinones Miller
An engaged literary agent finds her relationship with her twin sister threatened by the secret that her twin and stepfather had consensual sexual relations.

Man and Wife by Tony Parsons
Harry confronts life in a “blended family,” dealing with his new wife Cyd, struggling to be a decent father to his son, Pat, and stepfather to Cyd’s daughter, Peggy, both of whom will be living with him and Cyd.

Kim/Kimi by Hadley Irwin
Despite a warm relationship with her mother, stepfather, and half brother, sixteen-year-old Kim feels the need to find answers about the Japanese-American father she never knew.

The Odd Woman by Gail Godwin
When 32-year-old Jane Clifford’s grandmother dies, she flies to North Carolina from the Midwestern university where she teaches English to attend the funeral. The trip gives her the chance to muse on her relationships with Kitty, the mother she adores, Ray, the stepfather she cannot abide, and her married lover, Gabriel, who, over the two years she has known him, has never given any indication that he will ever leave his wife. When she returns home, Jane has come to realize some truths about herself and her future as an odd, that is, an unpaired, woman.

How to ruin my teenage life by Simone Elkeles
Living with her Israeli father in Chicago, seventeen-year-old Amy Nelson-Barak feels like a walking disaster, worried about her “non-boyfriend” in the Israeli army, her mother, new stepfather, and the baby they are expecting, a new boy named Nathan who has moved into her apartment building and goes to her school, and whether or not she really is the selfish snob that Nathan says she is.

Garret in wedlock: a novel in stories
Garrett Hughes gets more family than he expected when he marries May-Annlouise Holmes, as he finds himself taking in one of May-Annlouise’s ex-husbands, who is dying from a tribal form of mad cow disease, and embarks on a trip to India with his stepdaughter to help her find her natural father, a bigamist.

This is my daughter by Roxana Robinson
Tells the story of a difficult second marriage. Emma is fiercely protective of her young daughter, Tess, while Peter is more detached from teenaged daughter Amanda, oblivious to her attitudes and activities. Put together, they form a household rife with tension. Emma and Peter do their best for the girls, but Tess and Amanda have their own opinions about this new family.

Hot fudge sundae blues by Bev Marshall
Set in 1960s Mississippi, Layla Jay hopes to please her grandmother and to catch the eye of Jehu, the cutest boy in the ninth grade, by pretending to be saved, but her plan backfires when her mother marries the revival preacher.

Brave Enemies by Robert Morgan
Fleeing the family farm disguised as a man after killing her abusive stepfather, Josie Summers meets and marries the Reverend John Trethman, but when he is kidnapped by British soldiers, Josie must risk her life to find her husband.