Steps to writing an argumentative essay?

Steps to writing an argumentative essay?
I have to re-write an essay on macbeth since I did really bad on it, my teacher says that I focuse too much on the plot. How do I write one, aren’t I supposed to write it as though no one knows anything about the play?

I put all of my “how to” links for writing essays on a website as I never knew what person needed which link when I answered questions.

I believe there are 3 or 4 links to different sites that have info. on how to write an Argumentative Essay. My website is small and easy to get around and there are virtually no ads.

That is one thing. To answer your question, no, often when you are writing an essay, you can make the assumption that your readers already know about the play. They have read it, and you are now going to offer your point of view about a particular facet of the play. In this case, you will be arguing your point in the essay, so you need to assume that your readers will already have read and understand the play from their own viewpoint. You are going to give them your viewpoint, and you are going to “argue” your case for it.

Here is my homepage. The thesis statement instructions (the first link) is great and it is on the first page of links at my website. Your argumentative essay instructions are on the second page of links. You will find them, easy! Good luck!…