stupid essay, please hlep me!!!!!!!!!?

stupid essay, please hlep me!!!!!!!!!?
out T.A. wants us to write an essay on the topic: how students get burned out…i know what can cause it, but she wants us to describe the process and I don’t know how to do it,i have no idea, i am completely lost , please help

Think of the feeling(s) from start to finish. When it first begins, what do you think? What do you feel bodily? What do you want/wish to happen? This is ALL in paragraph 1. Imagine you are in stage 2 of the problem. How are the same feelings from paragraph 1? Describe how they’ve increased, if any way. This is paragraph 2. Paragragh 3:You’re at “the bottom.” What do you feel, think, and want to happen NOW? Describe this. Paragraph 4: You need to tie the three paragraphs together into a final one. Good luck!