super stressed about the ACT?

super stressed about the ACT?
Im taking the ACT this Saturday and I feel like no matter how much I prepare and study im totally not ready!!! It literally keeps me up at night with worry in going to fail even though I usually get good grades.

I’m so glad the standardized testing part of my life is over.

I totally understand the stress. As long as your grades are decent, and you do decently on the ACT, there’s a school for you. Honestly, my GPA is a 3.34 and I got a 24 on the ACT. I still got into some well respected nursing programs (Duquesne, York College, UMassnLowell, and quinnipiac. MANY thought that I wouldn’t get into quinnipiac. One of the best nursing programs on the east coast). I had a great college essay, great EXtra curriculars, and great recommendations. Testing is important, but not the ultimatum.

If you’re aiming for Ivy leagues and you need a really good score, just try your best. It’s all you can do. Hopefully you’ve studied enough.

Don’t study on Friday. They say you should never study the day before the test. Give your brain a break. Eat breakfast, bring a snack with you to the center(you’ll get VERY hungry). Walk in with a positive attitude.