synthesis essay, help please.?

synthesis essay, help please.?
I’m writing a synthesis essay for english and I need a couple ideas to get my mind rolling..

heres the prompt.
the media has been influential in the world’s reaction to natural disasters since the advent of the radio & television. What exactly has this influence been and how has it affected the amount of people who help or care for victims of these disasters? Has it encouraged people to help or has it merely shown them that they are lucky ones who were not involved in each particular disaster?

sooo im planing to qualify and agree with both, but i need some more ideas to write.

To volunteer to help one first has to be aware that help is needed and the media certainly brings awareness to any who wish to be informed of current events. There are the news broadcasts that show us daily of disasters both domestic and foreign. They are not only natural disasters of famine and flood, but of tyranny and genocide. We also learn of people who need help from commercials such as the Christian Children’s Fund or UNICEF that show us the plight of people the world over.

On the other hand, when people are fed a steady of diet of disaster, they become hardened about it and it becomes easy to dismiss from our thoughts and concerns. It has been shown that the youth of today are so over-exposed to violence not only in the music that they listen to, but also on television, video games and movies that the line between reality and non-reality has blurred. Children have shot other children thinking that they will get up again like they do on television or in video games. What we see everyday no longer horrifies us – we no longer see it.