Synthesis essay quick question?

Synthesis essay quick question?
When writing a synthesis essay, do I need to state my sources in the opening paragraph? Or can this just be left out and put in the works cited as I use sources throughout? Do I also need a works cited?

I’m assuming you’re in AP Lang? Synthesis essays were absolutely awful.

I don’t know how your teacher wants it formatted, but I never had a works cited page for my synthesis essays. Only for research papers did I have a works cited page.

For synthesis essays, I would use a quote or fact/idea from the sources, and then put the source in parentheses immediately after.

You can:

1) Pull a direct quote from the sources.
ex: …a ‘feeling of direct contact” to the people of America (Source A).

2) Pull a fact/idea out from the sources
ex: …sky-rocket from 21.8 million in 1960 to 45.8 in 1980 (Source D).

At least that’s how I did it.