Teacher gives me bad grades?

Teacher gives me bad grades?
I’m a high school junior and my English teacher gives me bad grades on everything. Freshman and sophomore year I took AP English classes but this year I decided to take just a regular English class (at my school it’s called “level 1” which is right under AP) because I was taking 4 other AP classes and I didn’t want the work to be too overbearing.

On every essay or written assignment we’ve had, I have gotten nothing higher than an 85%. I’ve asked my teacher multiple times why I’m doing so poorly and she says, “your writing is not what I’m looking for.”

I understand English is a subject that’s somewhat harder to grade than others. Like in math, you either get the answer right or you get it wrong, whereas in English, if your essay describes how you feel but isn’t how the teacher feels, she often grades you negatively.

I know I’m not awful at English, and I actually scored extremely high on both the critical reading and writing sections of the SAT.

My teacher and I never have had any problems that might lead her to not really liking me and I don’t understand why she doesn’t give me the grades I deserve. I KNOW I’m a great writer; I am part of my school’s newspaper staff and I’ve done exceptionally well in my previous English classes. I just feel like there’s some misunderstanding between my teacher & myself.

Should I bring this up to my counselor?
I don’t want this to affect my other grades and my GPA. I’m in certain sports that I must maintain at least an overall 93.00 grade point average to stay on the teams, but my English grade is right now a 73% which brings down my other grades (99%, 94%, 97%, 98%, 97%) tremendously.

It’s not all about grammar or is everything correctly in place. It’s about similes, metaphors, hyperboles, or repetition. Catching the reader the second you throw a word onto a page. It’s keeping the readers attention at all times. Description is key. You need a body a beginning middle and an end. Just because you make be well in other things but essays are not typical. It needs heart and soul not much brain. I always made 5’s which is an A+. Your teacher is not out to get you you do not need to go to a counselure just because you’re not good at one thing. You just need improvement.