The ACTs quick question on scoring?

The ACTs quick question on scoring?
On all the practice tests I’ve taken the act score that is out of 36 is just with the english and writing score. What about all the other sections? (math, writing, science). How are those secrions’ scores taken into account?

The English, Math, Science, and Reading scores are all out of 36 (individually). The Writing is out of 12.
-Two people read and grade your writing essay and can score you from a 1 to a 6. Their scores are added to give you your final writing score.
-English is a totally of the 36 with subscores on Usage/Mechanics (out 18) and Rhetoric Skills (18)
there are 40 Usage/Mechanics questions and 35 Rhetoric questions. 75 total and a total score out of 36
-Math is out of 36 with subscores on Pre-Algebra/Elementary Algebra (18), Intermediate Algebra/Coordinate Geometry (18), and Plane Geometry/Trigonometry (18). There are 24 questions on Pre-Alg./Elem. Alg., 18 questions on Inter. Alg./Coord. Geom., and 18 questions on Plane Geom./Trig. making it a total of 60 questions and out of 36 for a score.
-Reading is out of 36 with subscores in Social Studies/Sciences (18) and Arts/Literature (18). There are two reading sections per subscore – 4 reading sections total – with 40 questions, 20 questions per subscore (10 per reading section) with a score out of 36
-Science is out of 36 and has no subscoring. There are 40 questions, 7 Passages (interpreting graphs), and the score is out of 36.

Your Composite score is an average of all of those is out of 36.

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