the american dream??

the american dream??
politically- why is the american dream impossible?
writing an essay
i know why economically
but any other reasons why its not??

In the 1950s, the American dream use to be really fancy. It use to be easy to get a house, buy a nice car, have a nice wife, have kids, and not have to worry about money. You could also buy land cheaply in the 1950s in many parts of the country because things were less expensive back then. To gain government revenue, taxes have risen drastically, and things such as food, clothing, toys, and medical care is a lot more now a days than in the 1950s and before. Because of this, and because of idiotic bankers that put people in debt because people can’t pay back what they owe, it is impossible to achieve the American dream, especially if you are by a big city. Since a lot of crime in America has increased, that has changed the idea of the American dream. The American dream use to be owning a big single family home in the country, and now we don’t really have an American dream. We think town homes are adequate, for example. Because of increased crime rate, and an increase in cost of many things, and an increase in human population, because the more demand there is, the price goes up on things, it is impossible to achieve the American dream today.