The beginning of my college application aid and guidance?

The beginning of my college application aid and guidance?
I have no clue what to do first with my preparation for college.

Like they say you need resume’ and stamps (what stamps? and for what usage?) and recommendation letters….(how many should I need?)

essays ( I don’t know what essays and there are more than one)

and what else are there?

please help… this is my future life i’m talking about………….

Look at your individual colleges’ applications for things like essay prompts and how many recommendations they want. If you haven’t got your short list yet, or if your schools accept the Common Application, is a good place to start for essay prompts.

*Definitely make a resume listing your activities and awards (try google for an example resume). In addition to sending it to colleges, you can give it to the people who write your recommendations so that they can see more than one side of you.
*Stamps are probably listed because you’ll need them if you’re sending physical applications (not applying online).
*Most colleges, in my experience, want 1 letter from a teacher and 1 from your guidance counselor. Some want more, and you may also want to include a letter from a coach or someone who knows you in a non-academic setting.
*There’s usually one essay (500 or so words), and sometimes a short personal statement (about 250 words). That is what is on the Common App. If you’re applying for scholarships, there may be different essays that are also required.