The best title for my essay (Multiple choices)?

The best title for my essay (Multiple choices)?
Now I am writing an essay about the effects of using computer. What do you think will be the best title?

Effects of Computers on Society
Effects of Computers
Effects of Using Too Much Computers
Negative Effects of Computers

Feel free to suggest a title. Thanks in advance!

My advice is that you write on both positive and negative effects. If you write only on negative or only on positive, you’re going to attract less people. In this case, it would mostly be read by adults who remember times when there were no computers and see changes in people nowadays. Like, moms who think their sons spend too much time killing zombies. If you talk about both sides, you are going to attract more audiences, in this case, those who think computers are a negative thing and those who thing they are a positive thing. Everyone will read it, agree with your points and reach the conclusion that it has both advantages and disadvantages. And of course, you should try to do some research and write something more than everyone already knows – originality is often the key to a successful essay. Oh, the title… how ’bout ‘Computers: useful yet harmful’ or something like that