‘The Causes Of World War One’ – Essay help?

‘The Causes Of World War One’ – Essay help?
I was absent from school for a few days due to illness. I returned and have been given an essay to write in History about ‘The Causes of WW1′. I have missed most lessons on this & have no clue what to write. Here is what the teacher told us to write down in help & preporation for the essay, they are also points I need to cover.

Introduction – Briefly explain the reason for war
– What was WW1?

Militarism – Naval Race – Britain V Germany
– Arms race – countires involved in the war & this.
Then I have to link this to the question ’causes of ww1′, so how did this cause a war?

Alliances – Triple Entente & Triple Alliance
– Treaty between britain & beligium.
Same as the above, I have to link this to the question ’cause of ww1′ so how did this cause war?

Imperialism – Marrocan crisis (1905-06)
– Agadir crisis – 1911
– bosnian crisis ( Austria- hungary, serbia & russia)
Yet again, how did this cause war?

Nationalism – Assasination of Archduke Franz ferninand
– black hand, loyal/patriotic.
also yet again, how did this cause war?

And finally a conclusion which i must sum up all reasons and then choose and describe a most important reason.

I have NO IDEA what any of these were and I need help describing what they all were & what happend. Please help me on how to write this essay as i missed the lessons on this subject due to being ill & i have no idea what it is about! I am NOT asking you to do my homework for me, i never do that, I am only asking because I do not want to make myself look a fool. I missed class due to being ill.

Please describe to me each thing i wrote etc. And tell me about the war. I really need help on this, this is my end of unit grade work! Thanks.

There were 5 main reasons for world war one.
#1 German jealousy of England’s & France’s colonies. Germany was united late and didn’t get their piece of the pie.
#2 A bunch of stupid treaties, pulling in one county after the other.
#3 New weapons like machine guns, deadly accurate rear loading artillery, poison gas, and the airplane. That the generals couldn’t wait to try out.
#4 Naval race between england and germany Which was bankrupting both countries. The war would put one country out of naval business
#5 And most important, Naivety. Everyone thought the war would be over in 4 months. Not 4 years.
For details go to “reasons for WW I”, on the web.