The Civil Rights Movement violence vs. non-violence?

The Civil Rights Movement violence vs. non-violence?
I need to write an essay on this and I have soo many points on each, about how like sit-ins and freedom rides etc. resulted in violence by whites which drew attention to the brutality from whites and co-operative blacks. And how violence only made things worse and killed the movement such as after King’s death.
I just don’t know how to organize everything into three specific points for paragraphs. And ideas?

I think you’re a little confused. There were two branches of the CR movement. MLK was the leader of the nonviolent movement. Malcolm X was the leader of the anything, including violence movement. The responsive violence to non-violence isn’t the point, though it would be appropriate to mention it.

So, maybe start with non-violence. Explain what it was, and that it came from Gandhi. Talk about how one of MLK’s goals was to behave with dignity, even when you weren’t being treated in a dignified manner. Tell how armed resistance to marches and sit-ins were shown on tv, and HORRIFIED people up North. The dog attacks, especially. Tell how clergy and religious (nuns) from all over joined blacks in their non-violent protest. They felt that it was a cause Jesus would have supported.

Then go on to MalcolmX. Google him; I’m not as familiar with him as I am with MLK. Discuss how his beliefs alienated whites. Which was fine with him; he didn’t think whites could help his people. Talk about how he made Hajj to Mecca, and began to believe that all humans were equal. Talk about the strengthening of his Muslim faith.

Talk about how both men’s work ended in their murder. You are wrong that the Civil Right Movement fell apart after MLK died. Talk about how each belief system helped and hurt the Civil Rights Movement. Talk about how the Civil Right Act was finally signed into law by Lyndon B. Johnson.