The Russia Georgia War? Essay?

The Russia Georgia War? Essay?
Alright. I got chosen in class for a short essay on The Russia-Georgia War.

I just need to know a little bit more about the war.

It would be helpful if you wrote it for me[10 pts if u do], but answering my questions would be nice too.

1) Why did the war start?
2) How many Died during the War?
3) Which side (Georgia/Russia) started the war?

As many details as you can please.

10 points if you write the essay for me. *if you do choose to write it, 3 paragraphs will do 🙂

I posted this earlier, this should help.

This is to anyone who thinks that a war with Russia, or any other large counrty at this point is winnable. It hurts me to say this as a veteran of our armed forces, and having fought with Georgian troops, and trained with Russian and Polish troops in Torgau (joint live-fire exercise with the Russian and U.S. Military), With the current state and commitments of our military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, we would not be able to alone sustain any type of large operation against Russia.

Its not about numbers, or military manpower as the current Iraq war has proven. Its about tactics. The United States has a bad track record with Guerilla Tactics, and Brute Force attacks. And Russia has been watching…The only country with more active spies inside the United States is China. And of course, China would not join in the fray outright, but believe it would supply Russia with any intelligence it has gathered and continues to gather. And yes we have a large amount of available military manpower, however, the number you forgot to quote was the number of Average Yearly Available Military Manpower, which we only outnumber slightly in Russia. And no figures we gain from Russia are completely accurate, with the corruption and deception by the SVR (former KGB) and other Russian Political Security Forces, we cannot trust any numbers coming out of that country.

Dmitri Medvedev, the current Russian president, is a dangerous man, not in his own right, but his desire to please his mentor Vladmir Putin could potentially jeopardize any countries in that region, which makes the situation even more precarious. My theory is that Russia had this planned all along, and waited, not only for the U.S. forces traning in Georgia to leave (On August 4th) to attack the county. Because if Russia deliberately attacked the US, the response from the rest of the world would be overwheming. But so would the destruction, in the end no one wins.

Because a war between the US and Russia would most certainly go nuclear either intentionally or unintentionally, and no one wins a nuclear war. Its called MAD or (Mutually Assured Destruction).

As for death tolls, it is difficult to say due to both sides skewing information to their own ends. 2000 people have died in the South Ossetian “capital” and tolls around the other country are sketchy at best.

Also for some more background, I just want to clarify this Georgia did not invade Russia. Georgia invaded a breakaway province known as South Ossetia, they then invaded and attempted to wrest control of Abkhazia another province within the country that had been allowed to rule autonomously since 1992. Russia invaded the COUNTRY of Georgia to drive the Georgian military out of the separatist provinces South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Both have a large population of civilians who claim Russian Citizenship, HOWEVER, it is not a part or Russia, or the Russian Federation in any way shape or form, or at least as recognized by the international community. Russia is the agressor here, it invaded a country past the point of driving out the Georgian Military and securing the provinces. It got involved in a civil war (seem familiar?) except, in this case, Georgia is retreating, realizing that it has woken the great sleeping red bear.