thesis statement?

thesis statement?
im writing a thesis about robert frost. and i need a thesis statement for tomorrow. it has to be something like Robert frosts poems are filled with imagery, it explains… yeah somethign like that, anyone want to help me???

Well your thesis should be in your first paragraph, the very last sentence, it can also make an appearance in the last paragraph of the essay. Just write down vague things describing whats going to be in the essay in the first paragraph then your thesis should have three components, example:

My essay is about cookies that are nice and warm. It is also about candy, which is yummy and sweet. And soda which is fizzily and quenches my thirst. Cookies, Candy, and Soda are all things that affected childrens health these days because they are high in sugar, caffine, and fats.

The last sentence is the thesis.
Its confusing I know, I hope I helped.