Thesis statement for essay?

Thesis statement for essay?
we are writing a essay in history about the difference and similarities between the colony of Jamestown and the Massachusetts Bay Colony. What is a very high level, thought out thesis statement for this topic? 10 points for best answer! 🙂

A thesis is not a literary device. It is not like an introduction, a paragraph or a sentence. A thesis is a dramatic event. It is a living experience of a truth.

Let us go back a step. If I were to write about the experience of thesis then I might write these words:

‘A thesis is a statement that asserts a truth.

“All red balls are red”

This is an assertion.
It asserts a truth.’

But a thesis is much more than a statement.
A thesis is the articulation of a truth, your truth.
What is “your truth”?

It is a thesis because it is based upon observations.
All red balls.
It makes a prediction
All red balls are red.
And you can perform an experiment with my thesis to find out for your self.
A thesis is the same thing as the scientific method.
A thesis is a guess.
It is a guess based upon what you have observed.
It is a guess based upon what you have contemplated.
It is a guess based on intelligent contemplation of observations.
It is a guess that is supported by proofs.
It is a guess that shines light on how things are.
The body of your essay simply articulates the thesis.
The thesis is the opening paragraph but it is only after compiling your observation, data, and thoughts that you can you draw your out what your guess is that explains all those observations and thoughts.

A force that we shall call gravity causes acceleration.

This is a thesis. Newton observed an apple on a tree. He noted that the apple was at rest, that is, it had a speed of zero. Then the apple fell. The apple moved away from zero and therefore accelerated.
Newton gathered his observations. He contemplated them. He said; a force causes acceleration because otherwise the apple would remain at zero speed. So he asserted his guess as a truth; the force named gravity causes Acceleration. Then Newton demonstrated all his proofs about acceleration. He explained why the moon did not fall upon the earth. He could make predictions. These proofs demonstrated his truth. That is the nature of a thesis.

So you must have a dramatic living experience of a truth. Pick a topic. Say, your father for example. Now observe your father. Do not look for connections just write down everything you can think of that is your father. Write down each observation on a sticky tab and stick it to the wall. Now sit back and contemplate the chaos. Eventually there will emerge a truth about your father that you had not seen before but which explains all those observations. That is your thesis. Now you state your thesis. You say: My father is an X kind of guy. This explains why he is all these things that I have observed. Then your essay body is the writing down of your proofs and you conclude your essay by making a comment on how your proofs support your truth.

Thesis is not an idea pulled out of the sky. Thesis is not something someone else thinks. Thesis is an idea that links together all those observations and contemplations you have been making. In a single elegant statement; All red balls are red.

Now ask me how to write an essay.