Thesis Statement Requirements?

Thesis Statement Requirements?
I really don’t care who says I’m stupid for this, you’re just wasting your time. But I have to have a thesis statement for an essay I’m doing in class and I was wondering what that would entail.

A thesis statement should tell your topic AND what point your going to make about the topic. For example:

Topic: television Point: too much interferes with schoolwork
Thesis statement: Students who watch too much television will have difficulty keeping up with their schoolwork, and will not be as successful as those who limit their tv watching.

The point you make should, ideally, be something that someone could argue with. It should not be obvious

Bad thesis statement: Television is a very popular form of entertainment today.

It’s bad because it’s not interesting, and because it gives you nothing to write about. Once you quote statistics about how much tv people watch, you have nothing else to say.

Some teachers want you to have a thesis statement that includes 3 ideas- this will form the topics of your paragraphs in the essay. For example:

“Too much television watching can be harmful to adolescents because it exposes them to violence, it takes up time better spent on schoolwork, and it keeps them from participating in more active pursuits.”

Then body paragraph 1 is about violence, paragraph 2 is about time for schoolwork, and paragraph 3 is about why other activities are more beneficial.