things to write a 1500 word extended definition essay on?

things to write a 1500 word extended definition essay on?
I am not a good writer and have trouble getting started any suggestion would be appreciated

The very name “definition essay” tells your readers that the subject of your assignment need to be defined in terms of what it is, what its features are and what it can do. First of all you need to introduce in a paragraph or two the subject itself and just what it is. Following that there should be some information on its distinguishing characteristics and physical appearance. Then, go on to talk about its internal structure and what its functons are. Perhaps, in the essay you could also speak about its origins or history or how it was discovered and/or invented. For the conclusion, I would write of how its characteristics benefit or harm people depending on how it’s used. And last, you could say how its existence is common in our everyday lives.

For example; a telephone:

Definition of you can use a dictionary to start but make reference to it, as in The Webster’s Dictionary defines a telephone as……….


External appearance

Internal structure and mechanics

Main Functions of

History and Invention of

Its Benefits to Modern Society

How it is Sometimes abused and made detrimental

Its Common Necessity in our day to day lives

Hope that helped

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