this is my explanation essay college. sorry it is so long. i need serious answers! feedback would be wonderful?

this is my explanation essay college. sorry it is so long. i need serious answers! feedback would be wonderful?
Nurses have many important duties to their job, the three main ones are; dosage, reading orders, and charting. Nurses must be able to give the patients the right dosage to the right patient at the right time. They must be able to read the charts accurately so they will give the right medicine to the patients. Nurses have to chart every little thing that is wrong with their patients, even when they transport them to another hospital they must chart it. Hundred and thousands of Americans are looking toward some kind of medical field everyday. Nursing has been around for many centuries and is still continuing to grow. “According to OOH, since 2008 health care has held about 2.6 million of jobs economically and is expected to grow 22% from 2008 to 2018.” Everyone works at his or her own pace but for some people nursing just comes naturally to them, and for others they have to work extrememly hard to persue their dreams. RNs are expected to take care of the sick, injured, and give medicine on a daily basis; some nurses may also teach patients how to manage their nutrition and exercise programs on a daily basis. Nurses also teach patients and their families how to overcome their illnesses or injuries. The number one priority is giving the families your emotional support and to be there for them in their time of need. How would that make you look as a nurse and to the nursing board if you told someone that their loved ons is dead and walked away without providing the emotional support that they need? I know if that happened to me i would be stone stricken and would not come back to that facility ever again.

RNs usually go around with a doctor and try to figure out why these patients have what they have, record medical history, and help perform diagnostic tests and analyze results. Nurses also have to have some knowledge at recognizing problems and remembering deatails, running medical machinery, and treating patients with medicine or IVs. “Nikki explained to me that she had plenty of tight deadlines as a nurse, she had to make sure all of her patients were taking care of before she even considered leaving the hospital. She also mentioned that if she was with another patient and she got paged to help with a surgery, she had to use her best judgment that she could for her and her patient.” In order to become a nurse, you have to graduate for a nursing prgram. You can go for your (AND) which is a Associates degree in nursing, this usually takes about 2 years to complete, another one is a (BSN) this a Bachelor’s of science degree in nursing, this normally takes about 4 years to complete. “OOH explains that once you graduate from nursing school, you must take your NCLEX-RN in order to obtain a nursing license.” It also mentioned that NCLEX-RN is a difficult test to take. If you happen to faile the first time, you have to wait up to a year to take it again and it also depends on which state you like in, some states will only let you take it 3 times. In order to persue a career in the nursing field, you must complete a variety of course; there is anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, and nursing theory.

As I sat down with Nikki for the interview, she mentioned to me that anatomy and psychology helped her in so many ways. She could recall gathering up a group of friends during the wee-hours of the night and making up sons to remember all the body parts for anatomy. Nikki confessed to me that physchology ws pretty tuff for her to handly, she had to get a little extra help from her professor. My professor would sit with me all day and quiz me over every single chapter from my book, until I got it right. Since nursing is in high demand right now, you must be able to hold a steady GPA in all your classes, and you also have to be competitive in order to get a spot in the nursing program. “Statistics have shown that since nursing is in high demand right now, 581,500 jobs will be created in May 2008.” RNs have a heavy work schedule on a day to day basis, they could work up to 24 hours around the clock with little amount of sleep, they are also on calls on the weekends and the holidays. Nikki mentioned to me that when she was a nurse there would be times when she hd hectic work hours on a daily basis. “I recall working four twelve hour shifts and every other weekend, I didn’t work too much on holidays.” “OOH also states that nurses are on their feet quite a bit, and frequent bending and stretching.” After college I like to pursue a career at Riley’s Children Hospital as an RN. I hope to change the lives of others and to put smiles on my patient’s faces when I walk through the door.

You’re headed in the right direction, but I’m a little confused as to what this essay is for. Is this a personal statement for admission to nursing school? Or is it an essay for a class? If so, what kind of essay/paper is this supposed to be?

You have some issues with run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, and misuse of punctuation (for example, your first sentence is a run-on and you should not be using a semi-colon in that manner) that could be fixed if you go to someone who is a skilled writer that can help you edit line-by-line. The entire essay is also a bit disjointed. Your paragraphs are far too long, and you don’t really seem to have a strong thesis.

I could help you more if I knew what exactly this was for and what its purpose is.