This is the reason why you should practice the various means in order to be sure of your paper.

This is the reason why you should practice the various means in order to be sure of your paper.
One of the many ways to use a literary device in your article, is to compare the various people you interviewed. This way you can convey the uniqueness of the interviewed, and show in a convincing manner that you value the individual’s opinions.
A related example is the following:
To create a realistic point of view of the two parties, two writers will interview different individuals. In addition, they will write an article and present their findings while explaining and explaining each point. They will even describe their personal experience during the interview, while showing and comparing it with one another.
The second is using quotations which express the original thought of the writer in the form of a literary device.
One of the examples is the following:
1. It is important to know that both of them are passionate and dedicated human beings, whose thoughts were formed by a variety of different influences. Their ideas are unique, as the people from various countries with different lifestyles, beliefs, traditions, religions and political systems tend to develop their own personal, unique viewpoints, and their thoughts on the matter differ greatly from the Western’s.
2. In the future, my generation may be asked to solve a major problem: global warming, or the situation of a world where many countries are facing the threat of terrorism. There are many experts and professionals who will say: “We’ll solve it, because I am smarter and much more experienced than you.
3. In his book “Practical Intelligence”, John W. Gardner describes a “literary device” as the best way to present a difficult and complex subject to non-specialists. “A literary device is useful in writing a paper of about ten to twenty pages. It gives you the ability to convey a lot or a simple idea in a very clear and concise way.
4. There’s nothing like a good metaphor.”
5. It is the duty of every journalist to use a literary device for his report. For example, I use metaphors
7. There’s nothing wrong with using quotations for the purpose of storytelling. But, using quotations is usually not enough for getting a true and vivid perspective of an individual’s view: they have to be used according to their function and the purpose for which they are used.
7. It makes a good sense to try to find all these literary devices and to use them to their utmost and in the appropriate way to make your content as credible as possible. Of course, this would require more time, effort and skills for everyone and is not a possible solution for everyone, but there’s no doubt that using literary devices can make your article a good one.
For a deeper understanding, check this website’s article about literary devices: estimated 1,100 students at four Virginia public colleges were arrested over the weekend for various criminal offenses unrelated to the protests in Charlottesville.
According to the University of Virginia