This is very important to me. Please help!?

This is very important to me. Please help!?
I want to be a doctor when I grow up and I signed up for this class where you get to go to the hospital during school and help out… But only 30 people are allowed 🙁 So have to write an essay on Why I want that class? and how will that class benefit me personally and professionally? …. Can you give me ideas on what I should write so the teachers could see I want this really badly? Thank you.

I might start off with why you want to be a doctor, i.e. cure diseases, help people, ease people’s pain etc. Maybe you could give a personal example of what made you want to be a doctor. Perhaps you knew someone with a terminal illness or something along that line. Then I would map out what skills you will get from the class and how those skills will be used as a doctor. Examples are always a good thing. Like, “By going to the hospital and observing doctors in action, I hope to learn how to speak to patients about difficult health issues. When I am a doctor, I will need to know how to speak to my patients in a way that makes them comfortable and helps them understand their options.” The more specific you are, the better. Good Luck