tips on how to start a AP us history essay?

tips on how to start a AP us history essay?
can someone give me some types on how to start my essay?
my essays about how the pendleton civil service, interstate commerce, and sherman anti-trust act influence political and economic events during the gilded age.

this essay is worth 100 points and i want to do good on it!
please help and thanks 🙂

I’m in APUSH as well and English and History are my two strongest subjects and my history teacher is well aware of that. I have a natural habit of writing essays that are kind of different than others simply because my writing style is different and a little more analytical than most and essays have always been my stronghold.

But my point for saying all of this is, the APUSH essays aren’t necessarily about your writing superiority and don’t spend too much time trying to figure out a flowery way to introduce your essay. What the AP readers will value more than anything is essentially that you can bring forth facts that are relevant and cohesively connect them to your short, simple, but insightful main point or thesis.

Use your facts more than you use your own words. If that makes any sense at all.

I’m in APUSH and AP Language and Composition and when writing essays you really need to switch gears and I’ve learned that the hard way. GL, though.